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Valuation report for insurance

Get the right value…

Get the right value… You shouldn't think about it, fire or another calamity that limits your business activities or even comes to a standstill. Suppose it happens, you want to be well enough insured in any case.

But what is the rebuilding value of your property? What is your business inventory worth? If the (replacement) value is estimated too low, there is underinsurance. In the event of damage, the insurance pays out too little to be able to repair it and this can even lead to bankruptcy.

The values recorded in our valuation reports are binding on the insurer and ensure that you can quickly rebuild and replace without endless discussions afterwards.

Why an appraisal report

If you want to take out insurance, a valuation report is important. Our insurance valuations are often carried out in accordance with Section 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code. This means that you can insure yourself for the replacement value instead of the current value. The valuation report is registered in the insurance policy and ensures proper and smooth handling in the event of any damage.

We provide appraisals

Our insurance valuations are also accepted by all insurers.