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Appraisals and architectural surveys

Insurance appraisals

An insurance policy is not complete without a correct determination of the value. Underinsurance in companies can easily lead to bankruptcy. The insurance pays out too little to repair the damage and business activities cannot be continued.

Company valuation

A valuation of your company, property and/or inventory and stock may be, for example, necessary for financing or share transfer. We provide a clear and reliable valuation so that you can make the right (financial) strategic decision.

Damage assessments

If damage has occurred, the amount of the damage will be determined by an expert from your insurance company. Our independent counter experts are happy to assist you and represent your interests when it comes to determining the amount of damage and any emergency measures.

Advice needed?

With our broad expertise, we are also happy to provide you with integrated advice and guidance. We are your independent partner for both movable and immovable property in complex processes such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and investment issues.

Who we are

Apart from our own appraisers, the core of De Taxatie Company consists of a network of experienced appraisers, experts and consultants who are deployed on the basis of a project or individual assignment. As a result, you always work with the best-equipped expert for your assignment.

Peter Selhorst MRICS RT VRT owns De Taxatie Company and has put together an appealing team based on his expertise. Peter himself has more than 35 years of experience in the field of business valuations and insurance valuations. Experience in valuation work abroad for large multinationals, but also in providing specialist valuations for a wide variety of clients.

Specialized appraisers who have also gained a lot of experience beyond our national borders. In the recent past they have carried out various valuations in almost all European countries including Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. But the Far East, Africa, Latin America and the United States are also familiar territory. De Taxatie Company is also your expert partner for international assignments.

On the right, read the interview with Peter Selhorst by VRT magazine.


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