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Insure yourself of the correct value…

You would not wish to imagine … a fire or another calamity; which limits or even stops your business activities. Suppose it happens.. at the very least you would want to be well insured.

What is the reinstatement value of your property? What is your business inventory worth? What if an underinsurance is being the case and the (reinstatement) value is undervalued. In this case, the insurance will pay out the least possible to recover the damage and this can even lead to bankruptcy.

The stated values in our valuation reports are binding for the insurer and ensures that you can start to rebuild and replace as fast as possible without endless discussions afterwards.

Why a valuation report

A valuation report is important if you want to take out an insurance. Our valuations for insurance purposes are usually carried out in accordance with Article 7: 960 of the Dutch Civil Code. This means that you can insure at the new for-old value instead of the current value. The valuation report shall be registered in the insurance policy and ensures a fine and smooth settlement in case of any damage.

We provide valuations for

  • building rights
  • inventory, machinery and installations
  • stock, art and valuables

Onze verzekeringstaxaties worden bovendien geaccepteerd door alle verzekeraars.

System of insurance taxation and valuation

The Valuation Company provides valuation for insurance purposes according to a unique module system. Both the form of recognition and the reporting will be determined in consultation with you. So you will know what to expect before the start of the valuation process.

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