Valuation for insurance or companies

Valuation for insurance or companies
Valuation for insurance or companies 2017-06-13T13:50:36+00:00

Do you need advice?

With our vast experience, we are happy to assist you with both integrated advice and guidance. For movable and immovable property, we are your independent partner in complex processes, such as merger and acquisition, restructuring and investment issues.


Who we are

The core of The Valuation Company consists of a network of highly qualified experts and advisors, who are deployed on the basis of a project or individual assignment. As a result you will always work with the best-qualified staff for your assignment.

Peter Selhorst MRICS RT VRT is owner of The Valuation Company and has developed an appealing team on the basis of his professional expertise. Peter himself has more than 30 years of experience in business economics and insurance policies. He is experienced in international valuation activities for large multinationals, but also in providing specialised valuations for a wide variety of clients.

Because of the specialised combination of experienced valuers’ and advisors, you will always work with the best-qualified expert for your assignment.

We have specialized valuers’ who have gained a wealth of experience in all areas of the globe. In the recent past, they have made various valuations in almost all European countries including Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. Also the Far East, Africa, Latin America, and the United States are familiar areas for the company. The Valuation Company is your expert partner for international assignments.

Please read the interview by the VRT magazine with Peter Selhorst.


The in our logo represents sustainability. Sustainable in the relationship with you as a client and we as a company, strongly focused on a sustainable society based on a healthy environment.

As a company we hope to make a positive contribution by:

  • Using a full digital correspondence, valuation and archiving concepts.
  • Applying overall CO2 neutral operations
  • Using sustainable banking