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Stands for a conscious cooperation aimed at a sustainable future for the relationship with you as our customer, the community, the environment and the quality of our services.


As the first service provider in the world of valuations and fixed asset advice it is our business philosophy which is entirely based on a social responsibility and sustainable business plan. The Valuation Companyde taxatie company wants to provide a conscious and a positive contribution to community and the environment. This will include:

  • full digital correspondence-, reporting- and archiving concept
  • overall CO2-neutral business
  • sustainable banking


Initiator of The Valuation Companyde taxatie company is Peter J.M. Selhorst RT / VRT. The base for the unique concept of The Valuation Companyde taxatie company is the more than 25 years (international) experience in business valuations and insurance appraisals. Experience shaped by international appraisals for leading multinationals, but also by providing specialist assessments for a wide variety of clients.


The heart of The Valuation Companyde taxatie company consists of a platform of experienced appraisers, experts and consultants. They will be employed for a project or an individual assignment. This business concept ensures that you can work with the expert who is best equipped for your job.

It is obvious that the experience of our appraisers is not bound by national borders. For more information, see the valuation section.






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